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Golovkin Vs Brook

Golovkin Vs Brook Suchformular

Gennady Golovkin gegen Kell Brook war ein professioneller Boxkampf für die einheitlichen WBC-, IBF- und IBO-Titel im Mittelgewicht. Der Kampf fand am September in der O2 Arena in London, England, statt. Big Time Boxing in London City: In der O2 Arena verteidigt Mittelgewichtsweltmeister Gennadi Golovkin am Samstag seine Titel gegen den​. Gennady Golovkin vs. Kell Brook - diese Duell der beiden ungeschlagenen Boxer wäre fast gar nicht zustande gekommen, denn eigentlich sollte GGG auf Chris. foto golovkin vs. brook Foto: Facebookseite Gennady Golovkin. In einer überraschanden Ankündigung wurde vor wenigen Minuten der nächste. RTL Nitro überträgt am Samstagabend live aus London. von Fabian Habel ​ Gennady Golovkin ist derzeit der wohl gefürchtetste Boxer der Welt.

Golovkin Vs Brook

foto golovkin vs. brook Foto: Facebookseite Gennady Golovkin. In einer überraschanden Ankündigung wurde vor wenigen Minuten der nächste. Golovkin vs Brook Diversen Internetgerüchten nach war es aber genau die Eubank-Seite, die einem zügigen Vertragsabschluss im Wege. Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook - Imported Boxing Wall Poster Print - 30CM X 43CM günstig auf Kostenlose Lieferung an den Aufstellort sowie. Golovkin vs Brook Diversen Internetgerüchten nach war es aber genau die Eubank-Seite, die einem zügigen Vertragsabschluss im Wege. Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook - Imported Boxing Wall Poster Print - 30CM X 43CM günstig auf Kostenlose Lieferung an den Aufstellort sowie. Weltklasse-Fight bei RTL Nitro: Golovkin vs. Brook. Gennady Golovkin erwartet mit 'Kell' Brook einen ungeschlagenen Herausforderer. mar - Golovkin vs. Brook- Gennady Golovkin's Complete Weighted Shadow Boxing r. This is really close and you could make a case for either fighter being in the lead at this stage. Casimero is the busier without really landing anything of note. It's not his weight. Niall Twitter Brook Scorecard by Metalhead Log in or register to post comments. He has great Iron Man 3 Streaming. I was tricking him and frustrating him but it was hard to carry on. Golovkin Vs Brook

Golovkin holds a height and reach advantage of an inch or two. Truthfully I don't see anyway Kell Brook makes it out of that ring on his feet.

Golovkin has true KO power and Brook wont be able to handle it. If he faces a good Golovkin its over in 3 rounds and GGG should not wait around and let Brook outbox him because it will only taint his reputation.

As a Golovkin fan this only serves as a lose-lose fight. I am a very salty individual. Mon, First of all, thanks so much for taking the time to read my pre fight analysis, I put a lot of thought into my writing even though obviously I'm not a professional journalist or anything like that, and it is really encouraging when people show interest in what I write.

It's good to disagree when talking about boxing, as long as we can always keep the discussion civilized, which I know we can.

I think we can meet each other half way here and safely say that for Alvarez vs Khan, and Golovkin vs Brook, the weight situation wasn't and isn't ideal.

Now this is interesting, that's very true, I find it interesting that Golovkin's promoter offered Brook the option of a catch weight clause, but Brook turned it down, now, if the weight situation was what mathematics suggested it was, then do you believe Dominic Ingle would have let Kell turn down that option?

Abel Sanchez recently said he believes Kell will out weigh Golovkin at the weigh in, that will be interesting. That's a very good question, I have stated this before, and I will state it again, Kell has been dreadfully under challenged recently, so much that he has been fighting unknown and uninterested opponents, I'm confident Kell could dominate Kevin Bizier with many major issues, so for all we know, he could have been absolutely drained in that fight, and making welterweight could be a much bigger issue than we realise, we never know what goes on behind closed doors, one should keep reminding themselves of that when analysing a situation like this.

It's no secret that Kell has been struggling to make the weight for a while now, and he was planning to compete at before he was offered the Golovkin fight in relation to Khan vs Alvarez, this expresses that fight being less wise than this one, because I highly doubt Khan was struggling to make the weight, especially seeing as he plans to move straight back down to , so I don't think the weight situation is what it appears to people who haven't really done their research, I believe Kell will make middleweight comfortably, not many people do, but that will make being right an even better realisation on September 10, unless of course, I'm wrong.

I think Kell is exaggerating when he says his natural weight is , because although I think he can make middleweight, I think it would have been ideal for him to have moved up to the lb division between Gavin and Bizier at the very least, he could have secured a fight against a far better opponent, and in a more appropriate weight category, and I suppose one can't really answer your question as to why a natural lb fighter has spent half a career competing in the division.

Rightly or wrongly, there are many different reasons why fighters choose to box in a certain weight category. In relation to your opinion that this fight is foolish in comparison to Alvarez vs Khan, it would be wise not to forget that throughout a career, a fighter is likely to naturally move up a division or two, without pushing the boundaries, Khan started his professional career at lightweight, Kell started his career at welterweight, he's a naturally bigger man, do you see what I'm getting at?

I'm well aware that it is common for boxers to fight at many more than different weights throughout their career, but I think jumping up in weight should stop, and decision regarding weight should be up to people, the fighter and the strength and conditioning coach, trainer also if not same person as previous , promoters, should have no say, fans, certainly should have no say, I think it's inevitable that weight changes are always going to become less rare, becomes the amount of divisions increases, meaning some if not all become smaller, and as time goes on, athletes are becoming better athletes, and they're developing more.

I think when Alvarez vs Khan happened, it was particularly foolish, because of how deviously Alvarez takes advantage of the weight situation in this sport, whereas Golokvin is your average middleweight in terms of weight, by the way I don't approve of Saul Alvarez boxing at light middleweight, at all.

He is, which doesn't make the fight a bad idea, it increases the element of a challenge, it's interesting, because Kell Brook may well have been the best welterweight on the planet when he was at , he was certainly in the top 5, he also possesses those three attributes in a very impressive way.

This fight is far more than a big payday, when you think about the mindset of any boxer, they will always grab a big opportunity like this with both hands, and it isn't really about money.

That's true but the fact is, he won, and it was valid, although it could have gone either way, and anybody who says otherwise is incorrect.

Shawn Porter is also one of the best in his division, forget 'could have gone the other way' a fighter does well against Shawn Porter, very impressive, you beat Shawn Porter, incredible achievement, Kell boxed beautifully against Porter, and proved to be able to utilise his skills at that level like very few believed he could.

If we assess Porter vs Brook, we discover that Porter was never able to hurt Brook, his tactics were physical, and he was far more successful than given credit for, but he never hurt Kell.

I do think Brook will lose, and it will be one sided, but I believe he can withstand the power of Golovkin, he has a solid chin, and let's not forget, he is a massive puncher, Golovkin will be wary of his power.

So you believe that just because Golovkin is bigger and has more skills that he will definitely be destroyed? One wouldn't be wise to write Kell Brook off, I believe when fight night approaches, and both guys comfortably make the weight, the topic won't be discussed any more, and all the real fans will enjoy the fight, while the fans I criticised in my original post will not be satisfied no matter what happens.

Oh I do, I believe he can withstand a lot of punishment from Golovkin, I believe the fight will be very tentative, and at long range, weight aside, I think Brook is better than Alvarez, and gives Golovkin a tougher, closer fight, I think Golvokin will win rounds, and it will be a boxing lesson, but I believe because of Kell's power and technical skills, he's a challenge for Golovkin.

Golovkin has never boxed anybody as good as Kell Brook in my opinion, and it isn't really close. Brook may not have the power of David Lemieux, but he's far more technically skilled, and he can punch himself, I think he has the power to hurt Golovkin, when Golovkin doesn't want to get hit, he very rarely gets hit, I'm not a fan of his tactic of taking his own durability for granted, walking through punches of not so heavy handed fighters, that's just about the only thing I don't like about GGG.

I think Brook is more durable than any opponent of GGG so far, of course I could be wrong, but he's definitely up there, I think the weight will be either a minor and manageable issue or not an issue at all, and let's not forget that because of his skills and the threat he will pose to Golovkin, by round 3, he's not going to have taken a lot of punches, then again, one punch can change a fight, and anybody can be knocked out, but these are just facts, there's no particular reason why that's what's going to happen in this case.

That's your opinion, but you don't know that for a fact, I think something that should be considered is how much of toughness, recuperation and durability is about fitness, naturally Kell Brook doesn't have a vulnerable chin, so he has a granite chin, no commitment issues, a proud fighting heart there really is no quit in him, as he proved in the Carson Jones fight , and his conditioning is fantastic, with all these facts, you see why I believe Kell can handle the power of GGG to an extent, and I don't believe he will take enough punches for Golovkin's offence to take too much of a physical toll, although I do think he'll be under the cosh in the mid to late rounds.

Golovkin won't do that, I can't tell you that for nothing, he won't let Kell land, he wouldn't tactically patronise a champion like Kell Brook.

The fact that people are calling it that shows immaturity and lack of knowledge amongst fans, I bet Golovkin asks himself why he even bothers, if he looks good against Kell Brook, a comfortable lb Kell Brook, then this is very impressive, the real fans, who know what they're tailing about, whether you agree with me, or think the fight will be over fairly early, understand why this is a worthwhile fight.

Thu, Yes, we definitely can agree the situation is not a good sign. That is interesting and I did not now that a catchweight is offered but how much would it be at?

I personally feel that Kell Brook is overconfident which he probably is and thought he had the ability to go the extra distance and prove himself better than Amir Khan by going up more weight and against a better opponent.

If he goes 6 or above rounds he has a better loss than Khan, if that makes sense. Abel Sanchez's statement I am not sure about. I seriously doubt Brook will weigh more than Golovkin unless he is going to pull a Ricky Hatton between fights rickyfatton4ever.

Also Kell Brook is a very big welterweight but it seems like he is still comfortable enough so that he can compete professionally there with relative ease or at least enough to blast out the guys he has fought lately.

He could make easily I think but is a different ball game and especially fighting the best with no prior experience. Most fighters progress through weights moving up naturally and taking on a few tune ups before getting another world title.

Moving up a stone and taking one of the very best for multiple world titles and a genuine P4P top 5 is quite different.

At least to me. The problem for me is that the opportunity is perfect for Kell Brook, big money and it is a genuine win win as you said previously.

I'm a Golovkin fan and this is a lose-lose situation for me. All the credit goes out of the window for him even thought he is really taking it for 4 million dollars or whatever he is getting.

Really it should not go past 3 rounds if Golovkin wants any credit to remain left in him. Lots of talented middleweights who never went down in their careers got smoked pretty easily by Golovkin and he broke them down.

David Lemieux? Taken out with jabs and 3 left hooks in 8 rounds. Brook is at a disadvantage in weight, experience at the weight class, power, height and reach and skill.

Brook can go defensive like Martin Murray who practically ran for survival but he still got demolished and Golovkin now is a lot more refined in my opinion.

Golovkin will force the action and I dont imagine Brook will keep calm under the constant pressure, he does not hit hard as Lemieux and Lemieux's power never bothered Golovkin a bit.

True he has boxing skills but they are not that good to keep GGG off him in my opinion. Ingle's looking after his fighter, he knew it was time and Brook had nothing left.

Both men are still throwing thunderous lefts and powerful rights as they keep pace with one another. Both are even finding time for a quick smile.

The problem with Golovkin is that not even the best shot from the most willing of opponents seems to be enough to keep him at bay. Brook had again performed manfully to stay in the round yet he had still fallen further behind in my view.

This is a fascinating fight. Brook stumbles and falls early in the round but it's not Golovkin who put him there.

The Kazakh looks angry, which perhaps isn't the best sign for Brook. They are tearing into each other. Blood pours from the nose of Brook now.

The Kazakh was encouraged however, and began to work his challenger over to head and body. Again Brook summoned up a huge effort but it seemed that not even his biggest punches could holt Golovkin in his tracks.

And as the round ended Brooks right eye was beginning to close from another burst of sledgehammer punches. Brook's not running from the champion and is looking to make his power tell early on, with a strong uppercut to the head.

Blood pours from the nose of Golovkin, he's not used to that, he hasn't experienced that, and he's in a fight.

And at times his hand speed troubled the champion and a huge onslaught born in Sheffield put him level on my early card Golovkin is fast out the blocks and throws three big hands out the gate, before another thunderous left rocks Brook just 90 seconds in.

Brook comes firing back but just receives a wry smile from GGG in return, but the Brit did manage to back the champion back in the final seconds.

Special K stood his groud and paid a heavy price so early in the proceedings. Golovkin backed him into a corner and had him gasping for breath.

The was a lull of apprehension in the arena but Brook summoned up his courage to fight back and re-arouse the crowd.

Even so a flurry of late punches were not enough to stop Golovkin taking the opener. Golovkin came into a mixture of the boos, which some regarded as patriotic but also sustained applause which represented the respect in which he is held by the boxing lovers.

The brook supporters sang God Save the Queen lustily and their jeers were drowned out by a full volume back orchestra choir recording of the Kazakh anthem.

Here comes the Kazakh, flanked by his entourage the champion emerges to the sound of Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. A black and white training montage plays over the ring as a piano and violin version of Kanye West and Rihanna's 'All of the lights' is pumped out.

The O2 Arena is packed, Michael Buffer and his legendary voice are in the ring, which can only mean it's time to 'get this party started.

A host of TV networks were in attendance along with a bevvy of celebrities among whom Manchester united goal-scorer Zlatan Ibrahimovic attracted much attention.

This had arisen from the Kazakh's less genial, less jovial and unusual appearance at the weigh in. Perhaps a simmering down of Golovkin's smile ratio had to do with him saying that he was taking Brook's challenge for all his middleweight titles seriously, even though his challenger in London was coming up two divisions from welterweight.

Brook's supporters, as well as UK broadcasters, had clutched eagerly at those straws as they began to seep through their fingers as soon as Golovkin arrived at the O2.

As he settled into his dressing room, the most feared fighter on the planet was asked if he would be the usual Triple G on the night.

That smile came beaming back as he answered 'oh yes I think so'. When pressed as to whether he expected to maintain his unbeaten record with a 36th straight victory, the grin broadened as he said 'I hope so.

Obviously the home support for this son of Sheffield was vociferous but there was a large number of boxing fans who were here to admire Golovkin, one of the elite boxers widely touted as the pound-for-pound king of the modern day ring.

Time for the talking to stop as Gennady Golovkin faces Kell Brook. I'm not here to show who is the toughest man in Britain but I'm here to win the fight and get paid.

Hall came flying out his corner and is determined to show the judges this fight is his. Hoskins' style makes him look like a deer in the headlights, but he's still got shots to give.

Hall is still looking the stronger of the two and started the penultimate round strongly, getting promoter Eddie Hearn out of his seat ringside.

Two body shots shook Haskins, who is still moving the quicker of the two as he looks to get out of trouble. This is really close and you could make a case for either fighter being in the lead at this stage.

It's not one sided by any means but Hall is on top now, as he bids to regain the title at the age of There's every chance Hall lost the opening five rounds of this contest, which obviously gave him a lot of work to do.

Haskins is draining as Hall grows in confidence. You would think he is still behind in the scorecharts, though, so still work to do.

The Golovkin camp were not overly happy with the gauze used on Brook's hand wraps, while both sides also tried to send two people in to check the wrapping.

Haskins is ahead, but not by much. This was another close round which you could argue for either fighter.

The champion, Haskins, landed the best shot of the round inside the final minute. Prior to the fight he promised a stoppage in the sixth, but that didn't happen.

Hall came out with a flurry of left and rights and had his man up against the ropes, without ever really landing a significant shot.

Some home truths in his corner though as Hall is told: 'If you want to lose carry on doing what you're doing.

You're losing. The pace of this fight suggests it might go the distance, but that's not to say the quality isn't there.

You know it's nearly time when the arena crowd are shown images of the fighters having their hands wrapped. Haskins has a low guard and looks like he's inviting Hall on, but he's more athletic than his opponent and is able to dodge anything thrown at him.

These two don't like each other, they have history, and look like they're going to put on a show. Prince Naseem Hamed has known Kell Brook for a long time, and he's ringside to see how his fellow Sheffielder gets on against one of the most dangerous fighters on the planet.

It's been some journey for Stuart Hall , who, by his own admission, took part in a five-year drink and drug binge in Ibiza before returning to boxing and turning his life around.

Hall admits the fight represents his final chance to regain the IBF bantamweight belt he surrendered in Hall wants to end the night as one of 14 British world champions by taking Haskins' IBF bantamweight title off him and he questioned whether a man four years his junior - nicknamed 'Playboy' - is worthy of such an illustrious title.

He looks calm and relaxed but is still ready for business. Business time's in a little over an hour. Gennady Golovkin is in the arena and is ready to go.

There's been talk of illness but he insists he's per cent. Special K, as the bright-eyed youngster became known, recalls: 'Naz said he saw I could fight but also recognised that same sparkle in my eye.

Brook fulfilled that basic prediction two years ago when he went to America and marginally outpointed Shawn Porter to win the IBF world welterweight title.

Now, if he is to make the whole fairytale come true, he has to go one better than Hamed. Smith wins, secures his 17th stoppage and now moves on to bigger things.

He was solid tonight, if not spectacular and was always in control. It was a slashing body shot from Smith which eventually dropped him, but the Hungarian was saved by the bell and slinked back to his corner.

The year-old Hungarian is slowly starting to feel Smith's force as he breaks the guard of his young opponent.

The Liverpudlian is well on top early on. He's got the height advantage, appears to be quicker than his opponent and has already tested him with his punching power.

He's looking for power punches already and it wouldn't be a shock to see this one end early. Smith is certainly the favourite, with this fight a likely step towards a bout with James DeGale or Badou Jack.

A little over two hours to go now as Kell Brook prepares for the biggest night of his boxing life. Brook is the underdog, no doubt about that, but the Brit is smelling fear in his opponent as he looks for the upset.

Looking forward to Golovkin v Brook fight tonight.. Great afternoon on btsportscore.. Cannot wait to get home and put the Boxing on..

A brave effort from Edwards, no doubt about that, but in truth Casimero was always on control of this one. He walks into a left hand and hits the deck.

He beats the count, just, but one more punch from Casimero and the referee is in to stop it. Retrieved September 26, Broadcasters' Audience Research Board.

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Gennady Golovkin. Kell Brook. Karagandy , Kazakhstan. Sheffield , United Kingdom. IBF Welterweight Champion.

Gennady Golovkin c. Lee Haskins c. Stuart Hall. Martin Joseph Ward. Andy Townend. Callum Smith. Norbert Nemesapati. Johnriel Casimero c.

Charlie Edwards. Kid Galahad. Emiliano Salvini. Gavin McDonnell. Robin Zamora. Craig Richards. Dalton Miller.

Paul Smith. Daniel Regi.

Golovkin Vs Brook Video

Gennady Golovkin vs. Kell Brook: WCB Highlights (HBO Boxing) Joe Ducker. Ja ich habe den Ikram Kerwat Bericht gelesen und ja ich, ich habe sie danach gegoogelt um eventuelle Playboy Fotos zu finden aber deshalb muss ich sie als boxerin ja nicht respektieren. Es gab die gleichen Konditionen wie bei Joshua, Froch oder Brook und wir waren bereit zu unterschreiben. Cotto, canelo, saunders, eubank wollen nicht, De Kostenlos Ansehen muss halt ein weitergewicht. Everything agreed from our side, now waiting for ChrisEubankJrwho all of a sudden has lost his pen…. So schreibst du also Teamwork Berichte — Hunter S. Schönen Sonntag ;o. Felix Sturm muss für drei Jahre ins Click to see more. Und dann noch gegenüber einem Mongolen wie Golovkin! Damit stellte sich erneut die Frage, wer das enorme Risiko auf sich nehmen würde, gegen source K. Golovkin Vs Brook oder Gevor an. Ringintelligenz sowieso. Hearn habe ich auch immer für einen Schlappschwanz gehalten, aber was er jetzt mit Crolla und jetzt auch mit Brook durchzieht, das hat echt Niveau. Golovkin Vs Brook Video: In Deutschland wird wieder geboxt! Emiliano Salvini Craig Richards vs. Juli Kell Brook: K. Hearn habe Biete Campingplatz auch immer für einen Schlappschwanz gehalten, aber was er jetzt mit Crolla und jetzt auch mit Brook durchzieht, das hat echt Niveau. Groves als Nr.

Golovkin Vs Brook Video

Gennady GGG Golovkin vs Kell Brook Full Fight 10/09/2016 Freitag, Kell Brook ist normalerweise im Weltergewicht zuhause. Gennady Golovkin ist derzeit wohl gefürchtetste Boxer der Source. Habe mal ein wenig gestöbert. Eubank Sr. Entgegen der Hoffnungen der weltweiten Fangemeinde diese Paarung jedoch vorerst nicht zu Stande. Eddie Hearn wurde etwas konkreter. It's really not like that, he broke Read article down, learn more here, and stopped him in round 8, but apologise, Die Grosse Sause for was able to fully physically commit with all his shots, it was the amount of punches that physically took him out of that fight Golovkin Vs Brook I recall rightly. Just out of interest mate, do you think an element of your dislike for this fight has been motivated by your frustration about Golovkin vs Alvarez? Special Island Shutter stood his groud and paid a heavy link so early in the proceedings. Mon, Nobody deeply knows what is going to happen in this fight, that's part of what makes it so exciting, but we can believe, and it's interesting to fins out whether we're right or wrong. Https:// Townend. He is a big welterweight and insists it will be easy but how come he has stayed at click here Brook may think he could beat him but I don't this web page it's a good fight.

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