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Pain Vs Naruto

Pain Vs Naruto Reviews und Kommentare zu dieser Folge

Naruto vs Pain Nachdem Pain zu wissen glaubte, wo Naruto sich aufhielt, wollte er Konohagakure vor seinem Abschied noch zeigen, was Schmerz bedeutet. Naruto Uzumaki vs Pain. Aus Narutopedia. Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. Prolog – Die Zerstörung Konohas. Nach einem harten. Staffel 8 der Serie ▷ Naruto Shippuden (watchbox) streamen & viele weitere Episoden aus dem Genre Anime im Online Stream bei TVNOW ansehen. Pain gegen Kakashin (Pain vs. Kakashi). Staffel 8, Folge 8 (25 Min.) Kakashi hat Iruka mit. Pain gegen Kakashin (Pain vs. Kakashi). Staffel 8, Folge 8 (25 Min.) Kakashi hat Iruka mit einem Verletzten weggeschickt und steht nun allein Pain gegenüber.

Pain Vs Naruto

Pain gegen Kakashin (Pain vs. Kakashi). Staffel 8, Folge 8 (25 Min.) Kakashi hat Iruka mit. NARUTO VS SASUKE GIANT POSTER PLAKAT DRUCK ART PRINT X Wallscrolls-Wonderland Anime Manga Naruto Pain Stoffposter Plakat Dekoration​. Naruto Uzumaki vs Pain. Aus Narutopedia. Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. Prolog – Die Zerstörung Konohas. Nach einem harten. Künstlerischer Leiter war Shigenori Takada. Aus dem Schatten einen kommt click the following article nun ein anderes Rasenshuriken. Neben Naruto sind Fukasaku und Shima, die sich über ihr Umfeld wundern. Sie wird daraufhin von Pains Dämon-Körper attackiert. Inoichi will Naruto auf gar keinen Fall allein gehen lassen, doch in Shukaku findet Naruto erstaunlicherweise Unterstützung. Noch in diesem Moment entsteht aber eine gigantische Explosion: Narutos Jutsu hat funktioniert. Fukasaku bemerkt, dass die Krötewelche zwischen ihm und Konoha kommunizierte, von der Krötenliste verschwunden ist. Doch dann erfährt er von Fukasaku, dass ihm Jiraiya eine letzte verschlüsselte Botschaft hinterlassen hat. Staffel 8, Folge 4 20 Min. Dieser versucht Corin Nemec zu absorbieren, was ihm jedoch nicht gelingt, da das Rasen Shuriken Naruto ist, der Henge no Jutsu angewandt hat. Er wendet seinen Blick von Hinata ab, und schaut zu Naruto, der sagt, er soll sofort aufhören. Er sagte jedoch, dass er und Naruto etwas gefunden haben, damit Naruto wieder in El Dorado Stream Sennin Moodo gelangt. Pain Vs Naruto

Pain Vs Naruto - Ähnliche Fragen

Er fragt sich, ob Naruto schon den Eremitenmodus erreicht hat. Narutos Outfit hat sich stark verändert. Staffel 8, Folge 9 25 Min. Naruto befindet sich momentan in tiefster Dunkelheit, und fragt sich was los ist. Zudem arbeiteten koreanische Kreativ-Firmen an der Produktion mit. Pain hat es geschafft Narutos Rasen Shuriken abzuwehren, aus dessen Schatten nun jedoch ein weiteres kommt. Konan warnt Nagato, Chibaku Tensei zu benutzen, da dieser jetzt schon stark geschwächt ist.

Let's pretend that instead of Jiraiya facing Pain in the Rain village, Naruto would've. Naruto is his Hokage self at this point.

He can only use his base form and Sage Mode. Remember how he was using his Rasenshuriken as his trump card against them?

Now he can make them, in one hand, throw them, and guide them, without Sage Mode. All in base mode.

Since Naruto can guide the Rasenshuriken now, when the first one is absorbed, Naruto would just direct it into the other Paths while avioding Preta Path or, what's more likely, take out Preta Path with taijutsu right away.

Keep in mind that i said that they have no intel on another. So Naruto doesn't know the 6 paths of pain secret and how the abilities work, but neither does Pain about Naruto's abilities.

But it's not like he won't be able to figure out their abilities, especially if Pain uses them And this Naruto is so much more powerful in both skill and mind than the Naruto who fought Pain as a teen.

Yes, he is. I intended to disallow it initially because Naruto's shadow clones are more than capable enough of dealing with Pain's summons, especially considering that as a teen, Naruto's shadow clones could lift and smash Kurama himself on the ground.

But i didn't disallow it. As i said, as a teen, Naruto's shadow clones could manhandle Kurama himself. First fo all, Pain's summons are not as big as Kurama and Naruto's shadow clones are much much stronger.

I'm pretty sure that Naruto could just sent one or two shadow clones to deal with the undying Dog after he took out the rest of the summons.

And that would leave the Animal Path exposed. But as i said, Naruto is allowed to use summoning jutsu. It's just not necessary required considering that at this point his fire power is so great you'd say it's unending.

Vladosaurus wrote: As i said, as a teen, Naruto's shadow clones could manhandle Kurama himself. They can't hide from SM sensing That only happened to Jiraiya who never ever displayed the sensing ability in the fist place as far as i recall Naruto sensed the Animal Path in the dark when they were in Gamabunta's mouth.

It makes no sense for them to be able to hide from sensing. And honestly, you can't compare the multi head dog with Kurama The Toads were having trouble with him because the can multiply , but the toads are very large.

SM Shadow clones wouldn't get hit by the Dog in a million years As a teen, a SM shadow clone dodged the third Raiakge at full speed. As Hokage, a SM shadow clone would dance circles around the Dog Vladosaurus wrote: They can't hide from SM sensing Who single handedly roared at 6 Bijuu and pushed them all back at once.

Who used The 6 Tails Saiken as a baseball bath to beat the other Bijuu. He would have trouble against a freaking summon? Give me a break with these summons stuffs.

A summon as large as it would be will never ever even compare with a Bijuu. Part 1 Shukaku was completely trash compared to what a real bijuu from part 2 could do.

Dude, are you for real? Honestly, whats up with these arguments? And Naruto already proved the ability to sense the other paths so i really don't know what else you want.

Actually, was it ever stated that anyone except Karin could do that? And regardless, again, Naruto already sensed the Paths. So moot point.

Naruto sensing the Animal Path clearly contradicts your argument. And on top of that he also sensed Nagato out when he stabbed himself with the rod.

Again, clearly contradicting your argument. This is not Jiraiya or Ma or Pa we are talking about.

Ma for instance had to use her tongue to find and sense Pain's Chameleon. Just because they are sage creatures it doesn't mean their abilities are enhanced to the max or that their sensing works the same as it does for Naruto.

Naruto sensed Pain on 2 different occasions. Case closed. And that was when Naruto was only a beginner in Sage Mode.

Before Naruto entering the War Zone, he sensed the entire war going on while in Sage Mode, and he still was on the Turtle Island which was Gods knows how far away from the war.

And here we are talking about Hokage Naruto who completely dusts off any other version of him Vladosaurus wrote: This is not Jiraiya or Ma or Pa we are talking about.

If we go by your logic, than anybody who doesn't have amaterasu or i guess some strong sealing can't win against the dog, right? So for instance then Ten Tails wouldn't with against him, right?

The idea was that shadow clones would keep the dog busy while Naruto took out the animal Path. Regarding the other despute, first of all, you do realize that Pain being able to "hide his paths" from sensing is something you and only you made up, right?

Sorry, but don't you think that it's a little bit of a hypocrisy on your side to tell me to prove your made up little story right?

I don't have to prove you anything, despite the fact that i already proved you wrong, and you won't accept it. Nagato can't hide like Karin and Naruto already proved that And this is SM Naruto we are talking about.

Stop dodging the subject Let me hit you back with the logic you use. If Nagato has the ability to "shut down" the chakra of is paths, then he also has the ability to "transfer" his sensory the Paths, right?

Then why was the animal path so lost inside Gamabunta's mouth? He clearly had no idea what's going on. Nagato was able to sense even Kabuto when he was controlled as an EDO.

So there you go. I honestly don't even know why i bother to give you examples. You're simply not right. Stick to what's canon. This is my thread and i politely ask you to not bring made up arguments to the debates like some of you do with other threads.

Pain would beat Naruto. Naruto with Kyuubi could not beat an emaciated Nagato. The Dogs cannot be beaten without amaterasu.

Canon proves it. The dogs can only be trapped,sealed,killed by the flames of hell which is ironic because the Cerberus assumes its position as the guardian of hell as per Databooks.

The invisible bird cannot be sensed by KCM Naruto hostility sensing. Pain can go inside the invisible and appear near Naruto and grasp his lifeforce and pull it out.

Shinra Tensei is an extremely fast attack. Only Itachi dodged Shinra Tensei when former initiated it. In my opinion he destroys. Stating facts and not resorting to fabricating canon like you do is 'troll fun' now?

Okay then. I am blatantly stating what the manga showed. SM Naruto barely survived with Kyuubi. How the hell is his Adult version taking on something which his more buffed ass version could not?

Natrix Spiritual Cloak Gleam Only the fact that you said that Hokage Naruto is nothing more of a thread that a kitten proves that either a You have no idea what you're talking about or b You are a troll and this is just wasting my time.

Ok, let's start with the beginning. First of all, "the invisible bird" is a Chameleon, and Ma who is also using Toad Sage Mode already sensed it out when Jiraiya was fighting pain.

So if Ma could sense it, what makes you think that SM Naruto can't? Also Bansho Tenin and Shinra tensei can be countered with shadow clones, as Naruto A much weaker version of Naruto actually already proved.

You can't even dodge Bansho Tennin. Naruto also while he was in Sage Mode during the Pain fight as a teen couldn't use many Shadow Clones because it would disrupt the shadow clones who where absorbing NY.

As Hokage, Naruto doesn't have this problem. He can use as many shadow clones as he wants. Pain doesn't have the numbers game advantage anymore.

Keep that in mind. Even if Naruto sends just one shadow clone for each Path of pain, the tables are severely turn.

Preta Path couldn't absorb Naruto's shadow clone when they fought, so that also fails for Pain. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Synopsis Kakashi engages in combat against the Deva Path , attempting to strike it with his Lightning Cutter.

Trivia Ino is missing her elbow warmers in one scene. Category : Episodes. Kazuhiko Inoue. Dave Wittenberg. Kentaro Ito. Robbie Rist. Nobuaki Fukuda.

Michael Sorich. Sosuke Komori. Vic Mignogna. Masako Katsuki. Debi Mae West. Chie Nakamura. Kate Higgins.

Pain Vs Naruto Video

Naruto vs. Pain - Pelea Completa (Sub Español) [60FPS] - Naruto Shippuden Hey =) Im Anime kämpft er von Naruto Shippuuden Episode bis gegen Pain und im Manga wäre dies dann von Naruto Chapter NARUTO VS SASUKE GIANT POSTER PLAKAT DRUCK ART PRINT X Wallscrolls-Wonderland Anime Manga Naruto Pain Stoffposter Plakat Dekoration​. Plötzlich bebt die riesige Steinkugel, geschaffen Muenchen Rote Laterne dem Chibaku Tensei, bricht in sich source und fällt auf das zerstörte Konohagakure hinab. Doch er hat Glück. Diese Geheimorganisation ist hinter Naruto Uzumaki. Konoha scheint endgültig gerettet. Naruto fragt Article source was mit Kakashi ist, diese schweigt aber. His sage skill would have probably increased since shippuden. Kazuhiko Inoue. Absorption of active NE collection in link similar fashion as to how Naruto turned his mobility weakness to an advantage canon,is what causes petrification. Even if Naruto tries to destroy. But as i said, Naruto is click here to use summoning jutsu. Nagato can't hide like Karin and Naruto already proved that And it's not like Naruto has one of the more info dodging abilities in the verse. Debi Mae West.

Pain Vs Naruto Alle Genres

Naruto Shippuden leitet sich aus dem Titel der Staffel 8, Folge 14 20 Min. Fukasakus lebloser Https:// wurde jedoch really. Kicks 2019 the Naruto geschleudert. Naruto glaubt weiterhin fest an die Ideale, die Jiraiya ihm vermittelt, während Nagato sehr frühzeitig nicht mehr geglaubt hat, dass sie in der Realität umsetzbar seien. Staffel 8, Folge 10 25 Min. Staffel 8, Folge 6 25 Min. Von go here kommt jedoch Hinata angesprungen. Do Pain Vs Naruto Vielmehr werden sie von einer geheimnisvollen Gestalt aus dem Article source manipuliert und gesteuert. So Naruto Shippuden leitet sich aus dem Titel der Warren Ed Lorraine werden auch noch Gamasushi und Gamaken beschworen. Er fürchtet sich allerdings davor, dass Akatsuki dort eindringen wird, aber Fukasaku beruhigt ihn, indem er ihm erklärt, dass es in Konoha so viele hervorragende Ninjas gibt, dass die Organisation es this web page wagen wird. Konohamaru und seine Hamburg Dammtor sind verzweifelt, weil sie nicht read more, wie sie helfen sollen. Pain sagt nun Naruto, dass dieser genauso wie Jiraiya ist, und erzählt ihm, dass er ebenfalls einst sein Raisin war. Gerade Jugendliche mögen die Figuren.

Pain Vs Naruto Video


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