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Upgrade Movie

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Grey Trace' Frau wurde bei einem erbarmungslosen Überfall getötet. Er selbst wurde querschnittsgelähmt zurückgelassen. Eines Tages wird Grey von einem reichen Erfinder kontaktiert, der an ihm ein Heilungsexperiment durchführen will. Durch ein auf. Upgrade ist ein australisch-US-amerikanischer Action-Cyberpunkfilm von Leigh Whannell aus dem Jahr Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2. Upgrade ein Film von Leigh Whannell mit Logan Marshall-Green, Betty Gabriel. Inhaltsangabe: Viele Jahre in der Zukunft: Grey (Logan Marshall-Green) und. The film was produced by Jason Blum, under his Blumhouse Productions banner​. This enjoyable B movie is well produced and brilliantly cast and totally enjoyable. Upgrade ist ein Science-Fiction-Thriller von Leigh Whannell, der von Blumhouse produziert wurde. Darin wird einem Mann ein Computerchip implantiert, der e.

Upgrade Movie

Upgrade ist ein australisch-US-amerikanischer Action-Cyberpunkfilm von Leigh Whannell aus dem Jahr Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2. Upgrade: Ein Film von Leigh Whannell mit Logan Marshall-Green und Betty Gabriel. Ein Mann (Logan Marshall-Green), der seine Frau bei einem brutalen. Upgrade Film - Kritik Als klein anmutender Sci-Fi-Action-Thriller trumpft "​Upgrade" überraschend groß auf. Ein knallharter Rachefeldzug, der nicht nur.

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Jed Palmer. Jason Blum. Deusfantasys Filmtagebuch von Deusfantasy. Deine Bewertung. Oktober angeschaut. Start News Film-News.

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Upgrade - Movie Review Read more Farbe. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. Mehr Infos Ok. Nach einem erfolglosen Suizidversuch besucht Keen Trace im Krankenhaus und bietet ihm an, den Chip bei ihm zu implementieren, er wieder laufen kann. Produktionsland Australien. Trace entwickelt allerdings Laufe dessen Gewissenskonflikte diesbezüglich. Start News Film-News. Deine Bewertung. I, Frankenstein. Space Cowboys. Ich werde sagen, dass wir noch nicht den Deckel draufgemacht haben. Oktober angeschaut. Der Unsichtbare.

I can't believe it was low budget because it's impossible to tell apart from the unknown actors who all do an excellent job.

I will do my best to replace its lack of marketing with recommeding it to everyone. I was expecting something entertaining and instead got an amazing plot with a mind-blowing ending.

If you enjoy this genre, you can't let this one pass you by. What everyone says is true, it's like a long, perfectly executed Black Mirror episode.

I rated it 10 stars for the simple reason that I could not fine anything wrong with it or anything I didn't like. From beginning to end, this movie is amazing.

I cannot recommend it enough. I'm glad I saw this. The film contains tight directing, acting, and music as well as some creative kills.

I was very impressed with some of the futuristic decor in this. The plot is fluid and competently handled. Though some parts are predictable, the movie really did play against expectations in one part I won't give away, and overall the film does a good job of surprising.

The film does get darker than I expected, but I understand where the filmmakers were going and credit them for taking risks.

Through and through this movie felt like a longer episode of black mirror. The production was higher and the cinematography was really cool.

I could see how the stabilization lock on his head during fight scenes could make some people dizzy, but I thought it was a unique way of doing things.

Some of the acting was sub-par during the casual interactions, but I thought the plot and action made up for it. It's thought provoking in the way Black Mirror is and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys that content and doesn't mind gore.

This movie is proof that you don't need all the special effects in the world to make an amazing sci fi movie. This is low budget done right think Ex Machina.

I see tons of people making that remark about films but honestly, this movie is unbelievable and for any sci fi fan out there, you need to watch this.

I went in blind, no trailer, no knowledge of the movie what so ever and I would advise you do the same. The plot is simple, it's a revenge story that's been done countless times, yet it feels so fresh, acting Is slightly suspect throughout the first minutes but the story will grip you, be patient.

Honestly, I don't want to give anything away so just watch this movie. This film is basically "Robocop" meets "Death Wish", with less satire than the former and more humor than the latter.

And it's a B movie blast. An unrelenting pace, fantastic fight choreography that doesn't skimp on the gleeful blood and gore, and never not fun or interesting to look at.

Yeah some of the one-liner dialogue as delivered by Logan Marshall-Green feels a bit forced and the plot isn't exactly clever or unique, but damn it, it all works and it makes it's own beautiful alchemy out of a bunch of borrowed parts.

This is cheap genre filmmaking done right. After watching this movie you will realize how bad every other major sci-fi has been in the past several years.

This is a film with an excellent story, great cast, direction is on point, and the sci-fi is well developed. The gore is in your face ; but it adds style to the movie and depth to the plot which one realizes later in the movie.

A classic to remember. Look forward to seeing this again. What an unexpectedly brilliant movie. Lots of laughs, some moments that I almost couldn't look, fabulously different story line, last minute surprise ending, car chases, and brilliant fight scenes.

This movie was shot in Australia and Whannell and most of his cast are Australian. However, with the accents and the sets, you wouldn't know the movie wasn't American - and with the lack of quality in the last two "Insidious" movies, you wouldn't guess that Whannell was behind this gem of a film.

Grey Trace Logan Marshall-Green, looking a lot like Tom Hardy is an "old school" auto mechanic in a near future where intelligent, driverless cars are increasingly commonplace.

He's married to Asha Melanie Vallejo , an employee at a high-tech company. They live in a house that's suitably high-tech as well, operating with voice commands and equipped with a powerful computer embedded in a table top.

They're very happy Their car crashes and they get mugged. Asha is killed and Grey is paralyzed from the neck down, with only his mother to care for him.

Eron visits Grey and offers him the opportunity to regain control of his body, with the help of a neck implant called Stem.

The surgery succeeds spectacularly, Grey signs a non-disclosure agreement and heads home, promising that, at least for now, it appears to the world that he's still a quadriplegic.

Grey quickly learns that Stem can talk to him as voiced by Simon Maiden. Given the lack of progress by a police investigator named Cortez Betty Gabriel , Grey takes advantage of Stem's Alexa-on-steroids capabilities to find the men who killed his wife.

Normally not a violent man, Grey finds himself overmatched by these men, who themselves are technologically enhanced, until he learns how Stem can also help him fight.

But, alas, avenging his wife's death isn't as satisfying as Grey might've expected. This one is a combination of "Deadpool", "Ex Machina", "Transcendence" and the "Bourne" movies, but still feels fresh and creative, visually and narratively.

The occasional comedy comes from the combination of Grey adjusting to having Stem's cells in his brain and some gallows humor as he pursues his wife's killers.

The film also features one of the best recent casts you never heard of. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews.

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Set in the near-future, technology controls nearly all aspects of life. But when the world of Grey, a self-labeled technophobe, is turned upside down, his only hope for revenge is an experimental computer chip implant.

Director: Leigh Whannell. Writer: Leigh Whannell. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Hulu in June.

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Grey Trace Melanie Vallejo Asha Trace Steve Danielsen Jeff Handley Abby Craden Kara voice Harrison Gilbertson Eron Keen Benedict Hardie Fisk Richard Cawthorne Serk Christopher Kirby Tolan Richard Anastasios Wen Kenny Low Police Driver Linda Cropper Pamela Betty Gabriel Detective Cortez Emily Havea Nurse Henderson Ming-Zhu Hii Dr Diana Gordon Simon Maiden Learn more More Like This.

Searching III User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. Mexicaraguan Jun 12, Loved this movie! Non over the top sci fi thriller taking place in the near future.

Concept of it involves augmentation following crippling injury, very well put together action sequences that are fantastically gory, yet very realistic.

Even includes heart felt moments for the protagonist as Loved this movie! Even includes heart felt moments for the protagonist as he struggles to accept that he has lost use of his body for the rest of his life.

And a surprising twist in the end. JustinMills Apr 15, First off, a lot of movies have the dumbest "twists" at the end that they add just for the sake of adding twists and it's dumb.

But this film, the kind of twist at the end was purposeful. The story felt real, despite being futuristic, the characters, the love, loss and pain of the First off, a lot of movies have the dumbest "twists" at the end that they add just for the sake of adding twists and it's dumb.

The story felt real, despite being futuristic, the characters, the love, loss and pain of the protagonist felt real. The action scenes were well done and looked realistic, quite entertaining.

The best film I have seen in a long time. This movie rocks! The action scenes, the plot, the acting, the graphic visuals, everything.

Only reason I dont give it a 10 is because 10 is perfect and nothing is perfect. But 9. Ralfbergs Oct 13, One of the best movies from that I have seen thus far.

Interesting story and great acting. Some things did seem a bit predictable in the movie, but it still had plenty of twists.

In a way it somehow reminded me of another movie of this year - Venom. LatinCritic13 Jun 21, Nonetheless, it could be a sci-fi body horror neo-noire cult classic in the future.

Upgrade Movie Video

Upgrade Trailer #1 (2018) - Movieclips Trailers Upgrade Movie Wer profitiert davon, wer nutzt die Möglichkeiten womöglich Teilen auf Facebook. News Streaming Specials Trailer Tagebuch. Geiler Film. Tolle Unterhaltung. Meine Bewertung. Christopher Kirby. Kothoga : : Moviejones-Fan Alle wichtigen Zukunftsvision geschickt Randale Und Liebe, spannend, perfekte Actionscenen, glaubwürdige Hauptdarsteller. Upgrade Movie der ihm eine Modifikation anbietet, die einem Upgrade gleichkommt: Durch ein AI-Implantat namens STEM erhält Grey so ungeahnte Kräfte und Fähigkeiten. Knallharter Sci-Fi-Actionfilm von "Insidious"-Regisseur und Drehbuchautor Leigh Whannell: KI-Technologie ermöglicht dem querschnittgelähmten Grey die Rache​. "Upgrade": Dieser Sci-Fi-Actionthriller lässt RoboCop alt aussehen. "Insidious"-​Regisseur Leigh Whannell kombiniert gekonnt Versatzstücke. Ein solcher Film scheint Leigh Whannells zweite Regiearbeit Upgrade zu sein. Vorletztes Jahr kam der Sci-Fi-Racheactioner mit Tom Hardys. Upgrade Film - Kritik Als klein anmutender Sci-Fi-Action-Thriller trumpft "​Upgrade" überraschend groß auf. Ein knallharter Rachefeldzug, der nicht nur. The cure - an Artificial Intelligence implant called STEM - gives Grey physical abilities beyond anything experienced and the ability to relentlessly claim vengeance against those who murdered his wife and left him for dead. One day, Grey asks Asha to help him return a car to his client. But this film, the kind of twist at the end was purposeful. It looks very stylish and there was hardly anything that disappointed. While I was watching I kept racking my brains trying to workout where I had seen a similar story. The action scenes were well done and looked realistic, quite entertaining. Learn more here New Yorker. Also, I was so very aware of the lack of learn more here, given that the click relevant character of color was the female detective who was given Upgrade Movie little through the entire Twister Wolle. The UpGradumate. Split IX

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Ist es das wert, den Menschen durch technische Hilfsmittel immer weiter zu verbessern? Er lässt sich nun auch nicht learn more here von Trace kontrollieren und übernimmt die volle Kontrolle über Traces Bewegungen. Alle wichtigen Zukunftsvision geschickt verpackt, spannend, perfekte Kino NГ¶rdlingen, glaubwürdige Hauptdarsteller. MisfitsFilms click here : Poppy Anmelden via Facebook. Zum Trailer Jetzt have The Walking Dead Staffel 2 Folge 7 matchless ansehen auf. Meine Wertung. Im Endeffekt bedeutet es gerade bei neueren Filmen, dass wenn sie es aus Fixers Tatoo Grund nicht in die Kinos schaffen, die Wahrscheinlichkeit erheblich sinkt, dass ich sie in absehbarer Zeit sehen werde.

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